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"It's like having a directory of everything you've ever needed to start a business in nutrition"


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The Back-story

My aim has always been to build a thriving, motivated and supportive community of business owners just like you who have access to unrivalled resources, key experts, guidance and valuable training all in one place.

I want to help you create a business you love that is totally in alignment with who you are;  to inspire a new level of confidence in yourself, your work and your success.

We all need a support network of people around us who have shared aims and goals and who can empathise with our challenges. The Hub is YOUR support Network.

Just £44/month.

No commitment. Leave at any time.


Included in your Hub membership

  • Mindset coaching sessions - **New for 2022** we have our own dedicated, world class mindset coach in The Hub offering 1:1 and group coaching to help you release limitations that are holding you back
  • 1:1 Clarity Coaching - 15 minute slots with me every fortnight to get laser coaching on your direction and reduce your overwhelm
  • Content Batching sessions - live working groups where we create 90 days of content in 90 minutes
  • Streamlining your clinical practice - live sessions working step by step through how you can deliver consultations without the hours of prep before and after
  • Build and Create your Online Group Programme - live working group sessions where you can get your programme created and done WITH me. 
  • 90 Day Kick Starter Course - a road map for students and new graduates wondering where to start who only have 1hr a week
  • List Building Course - to help you build an audience and email list of potential new clients who are ready to buy your services
  • Tech support - help from our resident tech expert in The Hub
  • Plus hundreds of hours of training, tutorials, Done-for-you templates, slide decks, check lists and more. 

Learning – Confidence – Accountability – Focus - Support

Do you often find yourself so overwhelmed with where to start or what to work on next?

Do you feel you have so many options and possibilities open to you but lack confidence in making decisions through fear of not getting it right or taking the wrong direction?

Do you fear taking action that might not work out well or will leave you exposed  or feeling  inadequate so you do nothing at all ?

Do you put things off because they just seem “too hard” to implement, or you don’t know who to ask for help?

Do you get distracted with the next exciting project, idea or “shiny object” and find yourself off track?

The Hub is your answer.


You will have continuous access to some of the best resources available including webinars, videos, simple Tech Teaches, live trainings, PDFs, templates and useful media links. There will be plenty of encouragement along the way to help you continue your learning without getting overwhelmed in a sea of information.


The Hub is a safe, supportive community without judgement where you can learn and practice new skills, attend regular Q&A sessions, get feedback on your ideas and build your confidence in a “dress rehearsal” style.

Accountability & Focus

There will be regular accountability sessions to help keep you motivated, focused and to support you in setting and delivering achievable goals.  Every week I take you through my 12 Month Growth Framework involving small, weekly manageable tasks which you can choose to take part in or not. You will be part of a network of people who you can buddy up with for extra support to help keep you on track.

Support & Regular Features

You have access to two main areas as part of The Hub.  The first is the membership website where you can access all the resources, videos, trainings and templates at anytime. The second is the Private Facebook group where we will hold our Q&A sessions, accountability sessions, interviews and offer general support. We have 3-5 regular live coaching and get it done working sessions every fortnight, guest speakers every month and free in-person lunch and learn sessions across the UK every quarter.

What people are saying


I receive heart-felt messages of thanks each week from my clients and members and I am very grateful for all the messages. Watching my members grow in confidence and generate successes of their own inspires and fulfils me. Developing these working relationships connects all my members in an increasingly disconnected world and I believe my support and guidance is second to none.


"First off I just want to say that I don't think I could have even begun my business without The Hub and your incredible knowledge and passion to help us NTs either get off the ground or straighten our trajectory, depending where we're at in all of this. So thank you!"

"i just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks regarding the direction you're taking The Hub in this year. It's incredible invigorating and feels very powerful to be moving forward in a group with something like this. It's clearly taken you a lot of time and energy to put together and it's making this membership feel really special. I'm sure everyone else will agree x"


Signing up to The Hub is simply a no brainer. Just £44/month for all the above.